Purchasing a home

Closing in 30 days or less

When the loan is approved by the underwriter and all final documentation has been secured, the loan is ready to close. A final good faith estimate of settlement costs is provided for your review, ensuring that you have a full understanding of the various settlement costs associated with closing a loan and the amount of money that you will need to provide when you sign your final loan documents. Our closing department prepares the loan documents and sends them to the escrow company you selected when making your offer to purchase your new home. An escrow officer will contact you and schedule an appointment to sign final loan documents. This is called closing, the final step in the process where the transfer of money and keys occurs.

At closing, you will meet with an escrow officer from the title agency you selected when you wrote your original offer. Loan documents will be forwarded to the title agency by our closing department. The title agency will schedule an appointment in order for you to review all documentation provided and with the assistance of your escrow officer, you will sign all necessary documents. Your escrow officer will also let you know if you need to bring funds for closing. These funds will need to be in the form of a certified check. After funds are disbursed, your ownership in the property will be recorded and you get the keys to your new home!