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Thinking of buying a home?

Buying a home is one of the most exciting events in life. Whether you are looking for the perfect starter home, upgrading as your family or income grows, or downsizing as your needs or income shrink, the experience of buying a home is filled with excitement, hope and expectations.

It might be a good idea to start your search after you have answered a few questions:

  • Which part of town do you choose to live?
  • What price range would you consider?
  • Do you want an older home or a new home?
  • How many bedrooms must you have?
  • How many bathrooms do you want?
  • How big would you like your house to be (square feet)?
  • Are schools a factor?
  • Do you have to be close to public transportation?

The answers to these questions will help narrow your search and identify the home that fits your needs. When shopping for your new home, take a homebuyer checklist with you, it will help you remember specific details about each home you preview.